Aughild's Power (4 pcs)

Cain's Habit (4 pcs)

Asheara's Custodian (4 pcs)

Captain Crimson's Silk Girdle (3 pcs)

Sage's Apogee (3 pcs)

Demon's Aileron (4 pcs)

Set Bonus

(2): Reduces damage from ranged attacks by 7.0%, Reduces damage from melee attacks by 7.0%, (3): Reduces damage from elites by 15.0%, Increases damage against elites by 15%

(2): Attack Speed Increased by 8.0%, (3): 50% Better Chance of Finding Magical Items, Increases Bonus Experience by 50%

(2): +100 RA, (3): +20% Life, (4): Attacks cause your followers to occasionally come to your aid.

(2): Regenerates 2000 Life per Second, Reduces cooldown of all skills by 10.0%, (3): +50 RA, Reduces all resource costs by 10%

(2): +250 Strength, +250 Dexterity, +250 Intelligence, +250 Vitality, (3): Whenever a Death's Breath drops, a second one will also drop.

(2): Ranged and melee attackers take 6000 Fire damage per hit, (3): Chance to Deal 25% Area Damage on Hit, (4): +15% Damage to Demons, Chance to reflect projectiles when you are hit by enemies.


Aughild's Spike

Cain's Insight

Sage's Apogee


Aughild's Power

Asheara's Custodian

Demon's Aileron


Aughild's Search

Demon's Animus


Cain's Scrivener

Asheara's Ward

Sage's Purchase


Aughild's Rule

Demon's Marrow


Captain Crimson's Silk Girdle


Cain's Habit

Asheara's Pace

Captain Crimson's Thrust

Demon's Plate


Cain's Travelers

Asheara's Finders

Captain Crimson's Waders

Sage's Passage

Demon's Restraint