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This hall of fame keeps a repository of <Unity> guild achievements, including record-setting events, innovative builds and team strategies. Full repository is available on Unity League of Clans Google Site.

Besides dominating top 100 official Leaderboard rankings, record-setting events and innovative strategies are important for <Unity>'s long-term success in Seasonal and Non-Seasonal realms.

Setting New RecordsEdit

4p s no.1 Screenshot1569

Seasonal Champion 4 player team. S1

No. 1 4p

Camil, Catz, Elgergaard, Vibe achieving new record and maintaining no.1 4p for 8 days.

3p s no. 1 Screenshot1568

Seasonal Champion 3 Player Team. S1

4p ns no. 3 Screenshot1576

NS 3rd Place 4 Player Team.

Ns wd no. 1 Screenshot1575

NS WD Champion. TOU Ibehong

Sader ns no. 1 2 3Screenshot1579

NS Crusader Champion, Top Ranked Unity Members

Wiz 1Screenshot1528

NS Wizard Champion, top ranked Unity Members

Striker camil no. 1 2Screenshot1573

NS Crusader Champion. YAYU Striker - leading multiple classes

Innovative Builds and Team StrategiesEdit


Apek, Gilly, Nerdrrage pioneering in a new top 10 3p team strategy - 2wd+dh.

Apek, Gilly, Nerdrrage pioneering in a new top 10 3p team strategy - 2wd+dh.


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