Step 1. Open this page in new tab, click "Edit" next to CTWtemplate, copy the template below. (Please don't make edits to this page)

Step 2. Return to class wiki page, click "Edit" next to class name, paste the copied template where your content will start, organize and format accordingly. (Example:

Template - Name of Build (Heading) Edit

Active Skills (Sub-heading 1) Edit

Passive Skills (Sub-heading 1) Edit

Gear and Affix Selection (Sub-heading 1) Edit

Optimal Stats (Sub-heading 2) Edit

Team Buffs (Sub-heading 1) (only select applicable buffs below) Edit

Offense (paragraph)
Defense (paragraph)
Movement Speed (paragraph)
Health Globe (paragraph)
Nephalem Glory Orb (paragraph)
Crowd Control (paragraph)
Mob Debuff (paragraph)

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