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Welcome to the home of the No.1 Clan in Season 1, Top 3 Clans in Season 2/Era 2 and Season 3. Season 5 launched!  We are in the process of reorgnizing <Unity>, therefore a lot of information is outdated on this site. Former clannies and clan friends, you are welcome to join Permanent <Unity> members only Google Group to reconnect. Power and trust in unity.

Welcome to the exciting golden age of mutual support. <Unity> League of Clans consists of Yin and Yang Unity, Triumph of Unity, Phoenix of Unity, and Hydra of Unity. We complement each other with power and trust in unity. We strive for goals while having 400% fun. We shall together slay the most difficult enemies and overcome challenges. Join us now and march on to victory!

Represented globally, <Unity> family is highly active, constructively competitive, forever mighty and supportive, boldly staying the course to pursue its goal and objectives, never affected by drama or leadership changes. We are one single large guild boosting the Unity League community in D3, an independent gaming community with over 3800 total members and 400-900 active members online around the clock.

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  • Unity's Goal: Create a victorious and inseparable clan that perfects teamwork, achieves individual objectives, and enjoys overcoming the most difficult challenges.
  • Unity Values: • Be respectful of others • Help each other and share • Play actively and have fun
  • Ground Rules: 1.No flaming or trolling.  2.No excessive swearing.  3.No botting or spamming.

To obtain <Unity> membership, please fill out a short questionare at Recruitment.    Members, join free & claim your $10 bonuslog in to turn off ads.

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Visit Unity Forums for item hunt, team strategy, class builds and gear selection, and general discussions. 

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3m56s T6 Rift Clear 4P no pylon 2014 06 19 YAYU

3m56s T6 Rift Clear 4P no pylon 2014 06 19 YAYU