• Hello Unity,

    I have been a D3 player since day 1 of vanilla to this day. I have seen this game grow and develope into the game it is today. Now since then I have played semi competetive but I think now im ready to push it to the next level.

    1. Full battle tag

    2. Your best class(es)

    Witch Doctor and Barbarian
    3. Paragon Level of Non-Season / Season

    1066 NS
    4. Which Unity Clan(s) are you interested in? Unity Clans at a Glance; YAYU,TOU, POU, HOU

    5. How often do you play, and what time during the day (PST)?

    Usually play everyday and around maybe 11 PST (I live in EST)
    6. How do you like sharing with teammates?

    Sure do bettter to progress as a team than individually
    7. What Greater Rift Tier have you achieved in solo, 2p, 3p and 4p group (Non-Season / Season)?

    All non season

    1p - 70 (have not tried to push this yet, carnevil is broken atm)

    4p - 88
    8. Your play style and preferred role in team

    It does not matter to me as long as i have the gear any role is fine. Currently I play LoN darts and support doc
    9. What's your personality? Anything else you'd like to share about you

    Fairly laid back and chill. I love to have fun and have some semblance of humour along with the competitive play.
    10. How did you know about Unity?

    I have been playing with a members of Unity and seeing it is an active clan, I'd like to be part of it. Plus it was them who introdouced me to  competitive grifting Condorhero and Shiro
    11. Do you meet the minimum membership requirements?

    Yes I do :)

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