Class Training WikiEdit

Class Wiki Page:  Monk     Crusader     Demon Hunter     Witch Doctor     Barbarian     Wizard

In-House ExpertsEdit

Find class-specific experts in Unity League Community. Contact any UL Officers.




Demon Hunter


Witch Doctor



Mojofabulous, Shizuma, Pairaba

Solar, Tragics, Roddy, Andrew, Glacius, DragonSlayer

Vibe, Nerdrrage, IINeMeSisII, Camil, DeadFudge, John, BeastfrmWest

Catz, Orion, newsn31, PROMETHEUS, Hellkite

Apek, zylog, Reina, Catbus

Sadoe, Recon, MysticGlow, Loxer, Fluffy

Unity League

Archive of Training Events on Google+ Site

Updated 9/9/2014

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